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Other upcoming events:

  • Bible Study – EVERY THURSDAY 7:00 in the old school library
  • Blood Drive for 2019: Feb 2, Mar 29, May 31, Aug 16, Oct 11, Dec 6
  • Fifth Sundays in 2019:  Mar 31, June 30, Sept 29, Dec 29  
  • Annual Dinner – June 21th, 2020 All Knights and Ladies are invited
  • Retreat at the White House :  Sept. 19 thru 22ND, 2019


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Columbia Magazine :
Parish Website:
Missouri K of C site:
Supreme site:
Fourth Degree Assembly site:





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      • Mike Amad spoke about the White House Retreat coming up on September 19-22, 2019 at the White House Retreat center as a great way to recharge with Christ and recenter your life.  If you wish to attend contact either Chris Nelms (303-5365), Mike Amad (724-8001)or Bruce Bange (882-2152) You can sign up online at http://www.whretreat.org/ or one of us will be glad to do it, just email or call us.  As of this writing QAS has 36 attending.
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      • Developmental Disabilities (Tootsie Roll) Drive will be held on September 27th thru 29th.  Venues will be at the Walmart exit, Dirt Cheap, and Handyman hardware.  We will possibly be able to work Schnucks again but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.  We really need all brothers to participate to  help make this project successful so try to schedule your time to work a couple of hours.  The Signup sheet is on the home page at http://qaskofc.com . Signup early to get the slots which will work best for you.
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      • Mike Kurkowski spoke about the need for all of us to participate in this years Tapped and Uncorked event.  We had 900 paid participants last year and are looking for more this year.   Advertising business cards were also made available.  Start talking this event up with your friends.  We would like to fill up with 1200 paid attendees this year.
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      •  Fifth Sunday – September 29th at the 9:00 am mass.   We provide the lectors and Extraordinary ministers for this mass.  If you can help please sign up from the link on the home page at http://qaskofc.com. or contact Bill Radman at 403-4028.  Wear your name badges at this mass.

        Our Honor Guard will also participate.  If you have the Regalia and would like to dress out please sign up on the same form / link.

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      • Mens ACTS retreat is February 20-23, 2020.  If you are interested in attending or would like to be on team contact Vince Holtmann.  314-541-6294
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      • The St. Vincent de Paul Walk for the Poor being is held at QAS to help the poor of South St. Louis / County.  It’s being held on September 22 at 1 pm.  All donations assist the poor of our area.  If you can assist with a donation contact Jerry at 846-6663. Over $25,000 was collected last year.  SVdP assists 35 families each month with utility and rent needs as well as providing gifts at Christmas for about 300 kids and parents. Our SVdP conference depends on your help.  Even if you can’t make the walk you might be able to make a donation.
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      • Mike Amad reported the pledges for the Growing in Christ / Beyond Sunday campaign is up to $1.961 Million.

Prayers for the Good of the Order,  their family member or those no longer with us:    Our prayers do make a difference:

Click Here

Upcoming ProLife Events


Daily prayers and reflections are available online . You may also sign up for email or text message alerts or download the app from the USCCB by clicking here. Even if you can’t physically join the witness for life in DC, you can spiritually participate from anywhere!




First Degree

  Check with your friends who are not members and see if they have any interest.  Everyone is responsible for getting at least one member during the year.  The clocks ticking……………………. If so contact Eric Treptow with their names and phone numbers.

Second and Third Degrees:
If you don’t as yet have your 2nd & 3rd degree now is the time to get it so you can take your 4th degree on March 7, of 2020.    Please check the Missouri site (website link above) for details on degree dates.
Further your Knighthood by taking your Second & Third degree.
Check the Missouri KC site for scheduled degrees at any time to see when the next one’s are     Please contact us if you are interested. If you are interested  contact one of the officers.   Your Transportation is provided. Degrees normally begin at 1:00 pm and are finished by 4:30 with a light meal provided afterward. There is no cost to you. Depending on the location we will meet at the rectory parking lot and leave to be there by 12:00 TO 12:30. For all new members: you can take your next degree as soon as you want, scheduling permitting. 

 FOURTH DEGREE – at the Airport Hilton Hotel, 1:00 pm. March 7th, 2020 Contact any officer  if you have any interest or questions about the degree.



Pro-Life Mass and Prayer Vigil

Third Saturday of the Month The Archdiocesan Pro-Life Committee sponsors a Mass and Prayer Vigil on the third Saturday of every month that the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (Lindell & Newstead, in the Central West End). Entitled ‘Helpers of God’s Precious Infants’, the Mass begins at 8:00am and is followed by exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Immediately thereafter the rosary procession/witness begins and proceeds from the Cathedral to the Planned Parenthood Abortion facility. My Brother Knights all; This is a very effective way to serve God, His Church, and the K of C in support of the Sanctity of Human Life at ALL STAGES. This public, prayerful witness is an affirmation to Life and a visible sign against the pervading culture of death in our societyJoin US!!!

Third Saturday of the month- 8:00am – Cathedral Basilica on Lindell Blvd:

The Celebrant at the Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants Mass & will lead rosary procession to Planned Parenthood after Mass that commemorates the tragic anniversary of the Roe v. Wade/Doe v. Bolton SCOTUS decisions in 1973.  For more information:  CLICK HERE

RIB (Religious Information Bureau) COURSES

Religious Information Bureau (RIB) courses are available free online for any Knight wishing to learn more about his faith. It is suggested each of us take a couple of these courses a year as time permits. The link for this is no longer available.  I’m trying to validate if online courses are available – Bruce


Fifth Sundays

Fifth Sundays in 2019:  Mar 31, June 30, Sept 29, Dec 29  

Fifth Sundays are supported by the Knights as a way to celebrate mass with your family and brother Knights. We try to fill all the mass ministries by providing hospitality, Extraordinary, lector and music ministry positions during the 9:00 am mass. After mass we meet with other brothers and their families for breakfast at a local restaurant. Bill Radman, our Church Director, organizes this. If you can help with one of the ministries give him a call at (403-4028). Otherwise please join us.


Please remember our Priests in your prayers and remember them as they celebrate these special times in their lives: In case you don’t know these dates here they are:

Anniversary of:                   Birthday              Ordination

Msgr Simon                                               August 6                          May 29
Fr. Kunz                                                     January 11                      May 24
Fr. Thess                                                   August 31                        May 27
Fr. Fallon                                                   February 14                     May 26
Fr. Fonseca                                               June 17                           May 23
Msgr Breier                                               July 11                             May 28
Fr. Waldman                                             Feb 20                            May 24
Fr. Philipp                                                  Aug 12




Fourth Degree Section



Monthly fourth degree meetings of the St. Louis Assembly held are on the second Wednesday of each month Seven Holy Founders (6741 S. Rock Hill Rd.)  at 7:30 p.m. The Honor Guard mtg. and regular Fourth Degree meetings are combined.


Get your 2nd and 3rd degree if you don’t have them and plan on attending the fourth degree.  it is the patriotic degree of the order and a beautiful ceremony. . God Bless You, and thank you for your dedication and service.

Click –>Fourth Degree Website for fourth degree website and newsletters including the Honor Guard newsletter



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